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Panzerschreck Sling
Panzerschreck Sling

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Product Description
Reproduction sling for WWII German Panzerschreck (Bazookas). The majority of original Schrecks seen today have been repainted and reissued by the Finnish Army after WWII and their straps long since replaced. I found one still in its original finish with the strap it was made with.

The webbing and slide are very similar to that used on the MG spare barrel carriers, so that's what we have used. Sadly, these must be sewn on to the Panzerschreck- necessitating some "DIY" action. If you know how to sew leather, it's a 10 minute job.

The slings are about 48" long with the slide already sewn on. On an original Panzerschreck, the attachment loops are 31" (78cm) apart.

Linen cord included: This "kit" comes with the sling, slide and about 2 yards of heavy linen cord- you will have to provide your own needles- an awl won't hurt.

We have machine sewn the slide on- the loose end needs to be sewn down once it's on the weapon. Technically, the slide should be saddle stitched as well, but it's covered when in use so that's optional. Close up photos of the original sling are posted above.

Variations? Were their other styles of straps used? Most surely. But this is literally the only one I have ever seen so that's the design we went with. Troops in WWII undoubtedly improvised as well and likely used other carrying straps when necessary.