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Texled AA Tripod Sling for MG34/42
Texled AA Tripod Sling for MG34/42

: $69.99

Product Description

Reproduction of the WWII German anti-aircraft tripod sling. Of all the carrying straps used by the German forces during the War, this is perhaps the rarest and most difficult to find today. I literally had to ask around for over a year before I located one I could even examine. An original AA mount is one thing I do not have currently so the one in the photo is a later issue Bundeswehr model which is nearly identical to WWII. (So, yes these will work on both types.)

This is the standard leather pattern sling issued with the "Dreibein". (Web versions also existed.) The sling simply fits through one of the metal loops at the top of each leg, then it is fastened to the rear of the slide. At the opposite end of the sling is an 18mm strap which is wrapped around the base of the legs to hold them closed.

Due to repeated problems with leather from Asia, we chose to make these here, using 8 oz. strap leather from Hermann Oak. Yes, they cost more, but the straps work, oil well, and won't cause metal they come in contact with to rust. These are sprayed a light tan on the grain side and left natural on the back, just like the originals.

Maker marked and waffenamted.

Made in USA