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M1944 Policeman's Club, unfinished
M1944 Policeman's Club, unfinished

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Product Description
WWII pattern Military Police Baton, made in Pennsylvania from American hickory. We used the original specification which we found rather by accident- contradicting some "conventional wisdom," just about any hardwood was listed as acceptable by the War Department. Oak, maple, ash, and hickory. We chose that latter as it's the best material for this sort of item, and it was also the most expensive.

According to the spec, they were to be stained "mahogany", and we do plan to offer a finished version. However, a friend of mine was an MP from 1947-1956 and he told me that when they got new batons, the MP's stained or painted them at the unit. During his time in service, he encountered brown (some stained, others painted), black and white depending on the unit and the type of duty. So these allow you to choose your own color.
Decisions, decisions....
Includes alum tanned leather wrist cord as shown. Length is 22''

US Sales only! No overseas shipping due to many countries considering these to be "deadly weapons".

Made in USA