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Transitional M1943 Carrier
Transitional M1943 Carrier

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Product Description
OD#3 & OD#7 body, bound with 1 inch OD#7 tape, and reinforced inside with 2" webbing and leather. Our M1943 covers are made just like the originals. The body is made from heavy #8 cotton canvas, edged with 1" binding tape and sewn with heavy khaki thread on Union Special brand walking foot machines from the 1940's. It is reinforced on the inside with leather panels and the bottom with heavy duty CE rivets. They will fit both original W.W.II (and postwar) U.S. issue shovels as well as the Dutch (and Belgian?) versions.

M1943 Folding Shovels and Carriers
In July 1943, the US Army decided to copy the German folding shovels which had been captured in Tunisia as they were vastly superior to the M1910 "T-handle" shovel then in use. The Quartermaster modified the enemy design somewhat to better fit American mass production methods, designated it "Intrenching Shovel M-1943", and issued contracts for them within a few weeks without field trials. This was reportedly one of the shortest times an item went from drawing board into production.

M1910 Shovels were immediately declared "limited standard", meaning the remaining stocks were to be issued until the supply was exhausted. Thus, it is historically correct for men in the same unit to carry a mix of the two shovels. Yes, Paratroopers used both types, side by side within the same unit. Both the M1910 and the M1943 were issued to all units irrespective of jump status.

The carrier was made from #8 cotton duck canvas, with a lift-the-dot closure and the usual wire hanger to attach it to belts or packs. The carriers were reinforced with rivets, and the inside edges with leather. As 1943 was the year the Army switched the color of their gear from OD3 to OD7, original carriers were made in both shades, with some being mixed..."transitional".

Care: Hand clean & air dry only! Machine washing and/ or dryers will cause shrinkage and damage to hardware.

Made in USA