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Medic Yoke Suspenders
Medic Yoke Suspenders

: $59.99


Product Description

Suspension system for US Army Combat Medics designed to carry 2 medical bags. These were also obtained and used by infantrymen in lieu of the M1936 suspenders since the wider shoulders offered better (and more comfortable) support. From watching period newsreels of the fighting in Normandy, it appears that it was hardly uncommon for infantrymen to wear these as well as medics.

Color Note: The yokes and medic bags are often made from different batches of OD3 canvas- sometimes there is a rather distinct difference in the shades. We usually make sure that all the components in the medic equipment packages match or are as close as possible, but individual yokes suspenders and bags may vary. Did they all "match" in WWII? Hell no.

Made in USA