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2nd Pattern ET Carrier
2nd Pattern ET Carrier

: $39.99


Product Description

Second Pattern of the WWII entrenching tool carrier. The webbing holding the wire hangars often wore out on the early M1943 carriers. So, the design was changed. The hangar is fitted through grommets which are set into a reinforced panel. This is stronger and also allows the soldier to adjust the position at which the Entrenching tool is carried
on his body.

Our reproduction is made from OD no. 3 ("khaki") canvas with OD no. 3 binding tape. We use genuine Scovil brand "Lift-the-dot" fasteners and original wire hangars. The inside is reinforced
with die-cut leather and 2" webbing.

Care: Hand clean & air dry only! Machine washing and/ or dryers will cause shrinkage and damage to hardware.

Made in USA