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US Cot Cover
US Cot Cover

: $99.99

Product Description
New covers to replace the torn and rotten ones found on many US military cots. Made from olive drab #3 cotton duck canvas. These are identical to the originals. 75" long.

Made in USA

Cots? None. This is the cover only.

Installation instructions? The cot must be disassembled to install a new cover. (Most cots have screws & bolts. A few are riveted. Those will need to be drilled out.) If you can handle a screw driver you can figure it out.

Tip: When installing the second end piece, it's easiest to have a second person hold down the opposite end. Sit on the ground, put one or both feet against the legs of the cot and pull the cross piece into place.

Why so tight? Canvas stretches. These will be rather tight at first- but after you sleep on it for a night, they break in. The covers need to be taut- if we made them bigger and easier to put on, then your butt would eventually end up touching the ground.

Color? Yes, most originals are green. However, we know that green is not socially acceptable in the living historian community so we made them in olive drab #3. Some originals really are od#3 but we like to ridicule the khakinazis at every opportunity.