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Marine Shelter Half
Marine Shelter Half

: $89.99


Product Description
Spec label Correct buttons and grommets Reversible- green colors on one
side and brown on the other

Reproduction of the reversible camouflage shelter half used by Marines during WWII and Korea. Like the helmet covers, these first appeared in combat in November 1943, during the invasion of the Solomon Islands.

Made from 10-10 duck canvas, with printed with "Frogskin" camouflage in green colors on one side and brown on the other, these were designed to offer concealment in different types of terrain. Like the originals, our reproductions are sewn with two needle lock stitch machines and have the correct "sunrise" tack buttons and zinc plated grommets.

Each Marine was issued one shelter half, along with 5 tent pegs (or pins depending on the manual), rope and a folding tent pole. The intent was for each man to pair up with another Marine, button their shelter halves together to make a tent.

This listing is for 1 (one) shelter half.