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OD No. 7 Pistol Belt
OD No. 7 Pistol Belt

: $6,999.99

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Product Description
New reproduction. These are NOT the chintzy, Asian-made abominations offered elsewhere made with nylon webbing and tin hardware that breaks the first time you look at it...
These are made with original olive drab number 7 color webbing and exact reproduction hardware in our factory in Kentucky. Eyelets and the snaps are Scovil & Stimpson brand products- same as the War Department used in WWII.

Green??? Yes, the od7 gear started to appear in 1943. There are very clear, original photos of troops wearing green pistol and cartridge belts at Normandy and throughout the ETO campaigns. That's real history, not living history.

Made in USA
Sizes: We realize that many people need something a little longer than originals, so we have made 2 sizes- regular and XL.
Regular (fits up to a 50" waist) $69.99
XL (fits up to a 60" waist) $69.99