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US Pack Tail Strap
US Pack Tail Strap

: $14.99


Product Description
Around 2003, I picked up two cases of original leather straps for US M1928 Haversack "pack tails", also known as "diapers". Since then, we had kept them with the intent on using them on reproduction haversacks that have never happened. The cost to manufacture them in our shop is more prohibitive than ever so they are unlikely to ever be done. So, we've added the .75" retaining strap and are selling them on their own as many are missing from original pack tails.

Despite being 80 years old, the leather is in very good shape- it's still flexible with no dry rot or cracking. Note that many of the straps have minor stains or some sort of crud spots on them, but any blemishes are minor. Consider it part of their patina.
Made in USA..