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Rigger Pouch
Rigger Pouch

: $19.99


Product Description Item History
Genuine Lift-the-dot
Belts fit through rear sleeve Holds five 15rd M1 Carbine
Or four 8rd M1 Garand
During WWII, US paratroopers were constantly designing or modifying the issue US field gear. One of the most common pieces made by the divisional riggers were new cartridge pouches for holding 4 M-1 rifle charger blocks or 5 M-1 Carbine 15rd magazines. Our reproductions are made from OD#3 canvas and genuine Scovil brand lift-the-dot snaps. Troopers carried 2 or 3 of these on their pistol belts.

In an effort to try an alleviate the
mass confusion- this is what
15 round M1 Carbine magazines
look like. They are 4 inches tall.

Original rigger pouches were made from whatever canvas the riggers scrounged up- it was often used and varied widely in color and shade. These were NOT factory made items- they were made by young paratroopers in the rigger shack, trailer or tent. Ours vary some, but not as much as those from 1944.

Fit: Holy cow people. We are getting asked whether these fit every sort of clip and magazine ever made. We don't have an interchange chart- they are made for M1 Carbine 15rd mags or M1 Garand charger clips- both of which are about 4" tall. Therefore, it might be in the realm of common sense to realize that AR15, AK47, M14, MP40 and MP44 magazines are very unlikely to fit.
Yes, the mags and charger blocks fit on our rigger pouches. We make them here, not in Waziristan, and we test fit each pouch...
Made in USA.