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Pup Tent Ropes
Pup Tent Ropes

: $9.99


Product Description
New lines for WWI and WWII US pup tents. 100% cotton, 3/16" US made rope. The set includes 2 front guy lines with sewn loop, and 8 small lines that go through the grommets to secure the tent to the pegs. All ropes are tacked on the ends like originals to prevent unraveling. This will secure one pup tent (made from 2 shelter halves.)

Made in USA

Getting the peg ropes though the grommets

I found this to be a real S.O.B. of a job at first. After couple minutes of consternation, I double checked our rope and grommet sizes against the originals to be sure we hadn't measured incorrectly as it appears there is no way these will fit- but they do. Following more head scratching, I had a Macgyver moment and found a solution:

I'm not sure if this is the "1942 approved" method, but it works well. Use a standard G.I. shoe lace, feed it through from what you want to be the outside of the grommet (right and left halves will need to be threaded opposite from one another), loop the rope through it, and use the shoe lace to pull the rope through. You will still need to compress the rope at the tip as much as possible with your fingers, but this works far better than fingers alone. Once the rope is through the grommet, then knot each end to prevent it from slipping out or fraying.

Feed shoe lace through
the grommet from the
Compress the end as
much as possible to
start it through
Pull through Knot the ends