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M3 Trench Knife w/ M6 scabbard
M3 Trench Knife w/ M6 scabbard

: $109.99

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Product Description

Aged M6 w/ Ontario

Barwood with M3

Aged Barwood with Ontario

M6 with M3

M3 Trench Knife with Scabbard. This can be worn on the trouser or pistol belt, or attached to the leg with a utility strap. Using the drop down menus, choose from a variety of knife and scabbard models. Aged scabbards and Ontario M3's are extra cost.

M3 Trench Knife (imported)
Ontario M3 Trench Knife (Made in USA)

M6, Natural
M8, Aged
Barwood M6, Natural
Barwood M6, Aged

Add Web Utility Strap (yes/ no)
The strap allows one to attach the scabbard to their leg rather than the belt.

US sales ONLY! These can not be shipped to Canada or overseas.