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Khaki Garrison Cap, Custom Piping
Khaki Garrison Cap, Custom Piping

: $24.99

Khaki Garrison Cap Size*:

Garrison Cap Piping Color*:

Product Description
Khaki Garrison Cap worn by enlisted men with the WWII US Army issue Summer Service Uniform.

Some troops never bothered to have branch of service piping added to their caps, hence the "no piping" option.

Officer and Infantry are the most common piping colors so those are stocked already sewn (check our other listings.)

Piping and sewing cost $14.99 and may entail a shipping delay of 2-5 business days depending on the workload in the factory.

Piping Colors
Artillery- red
Armor- green/white
Tank Destroyer-black/orange
1st Special Service Force- red/white/blue
Air Corps- yellow/blue
Engineer- red/white
Medical- burgundy/white
Warrant Officer- silver/black