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Unrestored M1 Helmet Liners
Unrestored M1 Helmet Liners

: $49.99

Product Description

Unrestored US issue M1 helmet liners. The photos above are very indicative of their condition. The outsides are in good shape while the guts are usually pretty gross. These are perfect to restore.

Outside: The shells are generally in very good+ condition. There may be a ripple or two, small cracks, scuff etc, but this is about as good as used 70 year old liners get.

Paint: The bulk of these are still in their original olive drab, but a few have stripes, unit markings or have been painted over with some color or another. About 70% can be cleaned off and re-painted without stripping or blasting.

Insides: The interiors range from so-so to utterly shot. Very few have serviceable webbing, some have sweatbands and or liner chinstraps, but they aren't pretty. Many of the A-washers are corroded, but those can usually be cleaned up with solvent or Brasso. Some even have spider webs or random critter nests- no extra charge.

*Are they all guaranteed to be WWII production? No. These liners are a mix of wartime and immediate postwar production, but all are WWII pattern liners with nape straps and studs for liner chinstraps. We picked these based on condition of the "shell" not by maker or webbing color since that's going to get junked anyway.

Makers are mixed and can be Westinghouse, Capac, Seaman, MSA, Firestone, double maker stamps, or Micarta. Some have OD3 (khaki) webbing, and others have OD7 (green) webbing. Once restored with new webbing these are all identical to WWII liners.

Maker choice? No. These are random. (There were a lot of Westinghouse and Firestone in the ones I looked through.) Despite many with green webbing, nearly all have the center eyelet on the front. (I don't think I've seen any without it, but I won't swear to this.)

Cracks/ Imperfections? These are 70+ years old, but these are in good shape- small cracks or chips are possible, but any issues with the shell are minor and they are all totally restorable.

Warranty: Now we have to put THIS in here. If you smash or crack these trying to drill or punch out the rivets and A-washers, that's not our problem. They are returnable in the condition we send them out in. Sold Individually price is for 1 liner.