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Restored Inland Paratrooper Liner
Restored Inland Paratrooper Liner

: $299.99

All Gone

Product Description

Original Inland manufacture WWII helmet liners, restored in paratrooper configuration. We have completely removed the old rotten suspension, cleaned and repainted the outside, then refitted the interior with brand new, US made reproduction webbing, chinstraps, sweatbands, A-yokes, and Durable snaps. The chin cups on these are the original WWII Navy type, modified to jump helmet length.

Color: Yes, we did find a darker green that is very close to the unique color that Inland used in WWII. These are not painted our usual olive drab.

These are not "original" jump liners! They were regular M1 liners, made by Inland, that we added the snaps and A-yokes to. Just to be extra clear to our friends that reside between Spain and Germany.

Condition: Obviously, these liners are almost 80 years old and are not new. These Inlands are all in very good+ condition, but most have some small blemishes- this may be worn spots or very small chips along the rim, small cracks (nothing huge) dings, names or serial numbers painted inside etc.. If one requires an absolutely flawless, utterly perfect liner to feel complete- don't order one.