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Reproduction Paratrooper Helmet Liner
Reproduction Paratrooper Helmet Liner

: $49.99

Product Description
They get the job done for a low
Fits in reproduction or original
Complete with A-yokes, chin cups,
& snaps

Brand new reproduction liners for US WWII paratrooper helmets. True, they don't look much like originals- but the price is low, they're complete, and most important of all- they work. Unlike past reproduction liners, these fit correctly in the shells- both reproductions and originals, AND they still work with helmet nets.

The body is plastic, the webbing is more or less olive drab no. 3, and they include everything shown- chinstrap, sweatband and nape strap. We add the snaps, A-yokes, and chin cups here, so a few of the parts are at least USA made.