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WWII US Helmet Liners, damaged
WWII US Helmet Liners, damaged

: $34.99


Product Description

Original, "for sher" WWII production US helmet liners. These have had the webbing and rivets removed to prepare them for restoration. All have some level of damage- small cracks, broken out rivet holes, chips around the rim etc.. All are restorable but require some work with fiberglass kits or epoxy. None of them are crushed, obliterated or otherwise FUBAR.

Insides: Empty. No suspension. We have already drilled these out. These are all 1945 or earlier production- makers vary, but Firestone, Westinghouse and MSW seem to be the most numerous. There are no Micartas or double stamped Capac/ Westinghouses.

Paint: Varies. Many have whatever paint that was on them when we acquired them while others have already been stripped. A few have names or service numbers.

Pissy Fits: The Micarta stamps can be a bitch to see sometimes. On a couple of these it wasn't until the second or third look that I found the blasted things. So, if a Westinghouse with a Micarta stamp gets mixed in, please don't go postal and start howling about lawsuits for false advertising, calling Gina a mangy hyena and such nonsense. It will not be intentional.

We have washed the majority of these liners- but they may still be dusty from storage. Sold Individually price is for 1 liner.