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Black N1 Deck Jacket, Size Small
Black N1 Deck Jacket, Size Small

: $99.99

All Gone

Product Description

Closeouts, no returns.

Reproduction N1 Navy Deck Jackets in black. The real ones were only made in blue and olive drab, so these are a fashion statement rather than a historical recreation. The shell is heavy 100% cotton, while the lining and collar are made with faux pile. The front is closed via a zipper and with a button-down storm flap.

Despite the lack of historical accuracy, everyone here likes them and has grabbed one if they are small enough to fit in them. The universal opinion is that they are like something one would get from Carhart. Other than her B10 and a Channel Jacket, this is one of the few things we have that the wife will actually wear.

All are marked "USN" on the chest as in the photo.

Sizing- S only! T For reasons unknown, size "Smalls" have labels marked 36 or 38, and the "Mediums" are 40, 42 or 44.

Their actual inch equivalents are 36R or 40R. There are NO actual size 42's or 44's. Just incorrect labels.

The Model: She's 5'3", 135 lbs., with a 38" chest/ breast. She's wearing a size S (marked 36 or 38). The sleeves are a tad long on her (which she likes) but otherwise the fit is perfect.

Due to being mis-labelled and the lack of larger sizes we are closing them out. Hence the 80% off- no returns.

There are no larger sizes! Guaranteed 110%. We have checked and measured them all. There are no XL's or XXXL's lurking around the warehouse.