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US WWII Duffle Bag, Made in USA
US WWII Duffle Bag, Made in USA

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Product Description

Early in the War, the Barracks Bag was used as the carry all for each soldier, but it was rapidly found to be too small and difficult to carry when heavily loaded. So, this larger, sturdier bag with a shoulder strap was introduced to replace it and the "Duffle Bag" was born. We copied an early production bag- our new reproductions are made from od no.3 canvas w/ heavy 2" web carrying straps and milspec hardware. (Later bags were od no. 7 in color). Approx 37" x 12" x 12" (same size as the originals).
Made in USA

About US WWII Bags

The US military issued a plethora of different bags during the War. The main ones are duffle, laundry, and ditty bags. Some were supplied by military contracts while others came from various organizations like the Red Cross. This leads to an enormous amount of variation in fabric and design. I own 5 varieties of laundry bag and 3 of duffle bags. Ditty bags are all over the map. Regardless, for all of our products, we copy original samples directly. But, with the wide variety of these in particular, our original may not be identical to your original. But don't panic. I cross my heart and hope to die that these are historically accurate.