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US WWII Wool Blanket
US WWII Wool Blanket

: $99.99


Product Description
Reproduction of the standard issue WWII US Army Blanket, spec 8-111. These are copied directly from an original example, and are identical- they are the correct size, weight and there is no polyester in the cloth- just wool.

Our blankets are made from heavy, 100% wool cloth, in the correct olive drab no. 34 color (an olive brown), measuring 7ft x 5ft 6", weighing just over 4 pounds, with WWII pattern manufacturer label. We opted for the variant without the "US" screened in the center, as this seems to be a common trait of wartime manufacture blankets.

Yes, these cost as much (or more) than a mint condition original- but high-quality wool blankets are very expensive to manufacture now.