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Paratrooper Webgear Package
Paratrooper Webgear Package
Package shown with USA Made gear


: $159.99

Choose Musette Bag*:

Choose M1936 Suspenders*:

Choose Belt/ Ammo Pouch*:

Choose Canteen Cover*:

Choose First Aid Pouch*:

Add SMG or Carbine Pouches*:

Add Canteen*:

Add Shovel:

Add Shovel Carrier:

Add extender belt:

Add Pistol Holster*:

Add Bayonet:

Add Pistol Mag Pouch*:

Product Description

Shown with JQMD Gear Shown with Carbine Pouch and
M1916 Holster, as what many officers
might wear
Set with pistol belt and
2 x M1 Rigger Pouches
Set up for M1 Thompson
Basic field gear worn by American paratroopers and infantrymen. Now you can build your own equipment package- just use the options above. Items made in the USA are noted as such.

-The "Base Price" is for a package with least expensive options. The price will for extra options or upgrades.

-If an item is out of stock, the shopping cart will advise you and not permit check out.

-No deletions. If you only want fewer items, then they must be purchased individually.

Basic Package Includes:
JQMD Cartridge Belt
JQMD Combat Suspenders
JQMD Musette Bag
JQMD Canteen Cover
JQMD First Aid Pouch

Added Options:
Shovels and Entrenching tools
Canteens & Cups

Canteen not included (It's in the photo only because an empty cover looks odd)
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