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WWII US Wool Scarf
WWII US Wool Scarf

: $39.99


Product Description

New, US Made, 100% wool reproductions of the US military issue scarf.

There were two main variations of wool scarf issued in WWII. One was tubular in construction and the other was a thicker, one piece pattern. Our scarves are the second style. The knitting company was able to weave fabric that was very close to the original in weave and weight. The fabric is slightly coarser and about 10% thicker than the original. The color is excellent- the same mustard/ olive drab as our jeep caps.

We cut and sew them here in our shop, so we also made sure that these are as long as the WWII scarf- 54" (135cm) - enough to actually wrap around your neck and tuck into your jacket.

Made in USA