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US Highneck Sweater
US Highneck Sweater

: $79.99

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Product Description
Standard issue US WWII sweater. These were issued and worn by all units of the US Army & Air Forces.

ATF reproductions: These sweaters are exclusive to us. No other company carries the same sweater. Originals were made by dozens of manufacturers and I picked one of several styles of knit. The color, weave and pattern were taken directly from several unissued examples. Unlike some reproductions, these fit. They are long enough, the sleeves aren't short and the collars don't ride on your chin.

We opted for a 50/50 wool/poly blend for cost, comfort, durability and care considerations. We tried a sample with 100% wool- but it was as smooth as 50 grit sandpaper. It was awful. This blend is far more comfortable, more durable than all wool and they can be cleaned in a washing machine- cold water, gentle cycle (or "handwash" if your machine has it).

Hang dry! Dry cleaning is still acceptable as well.


Sizing: Simple. Follow the sizing in the drop-down box. Sweaters are knits and they are very flexible. The back length is 26-28" depending on the size and the sleeves are about 36". But they stretch so if you pull on them they'll get longer....

Want made in USA? Before informing us that your blood runs white and blue in addition to red, here's the deal. We looked into that idea and such a creature would cost about $150. That wouldn't sell. These are excellent quality and we couldn't make them any better here so there's no point. Get over it.