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US Army Boxer Shorts
US Army Boxer Shorts

: $29.99

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Product Description

Reproductions of the boxer shorts (underwear) issued to troops by the US Army during WWII. Although briefs were also produced, the boxers are by far the most common men's undergarment. Our boxers are made directly from the originals, and are exact down to the contractor stamps, 2 hole buttons and double needle construction.


Sizing: The marked size is the actual waist measure in inches just like original WWII boxers, so if one orders based on the size of jeans or slacks these will be too small! (Modern pants lie by up to 4".)

The solution is very simple. Use a tape measure to find the true circumference of your waits and order accordingly. In most cases, this will be one or two sizes larger than your jeans.

If you're an odd or partial size (37", 38.5" etc.) then order UP. A little loose is preferable to too tight because there are ties on the sides to tighten the waist.