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U.S. Field Jacket Liner
U.S. Field Jacket Liner

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Reproduction of the WWII issue liner for the M1943 Field Jackets.
-For more info on the originals click on the "History" tab above.
-Field Jackets sold separately!

Ever wonder why M43/50/51/65 field jackets are so damned baggy? Here's the reason- they were designed to be worn with a liner underneath.

Our liners are remakes of those from the second production contract produced in the early Summer of 1944, specification 368B.

Those are characterized by the pile insulation being covered with OD3 cotton twill fabric. Since the insulation is completely concealed, this is allowed us to substitute polar fleece for the pile which saved almost 50% on the garment cost, and makes them machine washable- all without reducing thermal efficiency.

This 2021 generation is the best yet. The poplin shell, knit cuffs, buttons and inner lining all look exactly like the originals. The labels are very close, but we still are not able to duplicate the printing method exactly. As for weight, these are equivalent to a "Tanker" jacket. These do not button into or attach to the jacket in any way like later(M50/51 and 65) liners did.

Care: Hand or Machine wash cold, hang dry.


Sizing: Sized by chest measure like the field jackets.

Field Jacket size: If one is planning to wear these under an M1943 Field Jacket, be aware of which model jacket is used.

Liner Size 36R 38R 40R 42R 44R 46R 48R 52R
ATF or original "Early" Field Jacket or 370B size 38R 40R 42R 44R 46R 48R 52R 56L
ATF Pattern B Field Jacket (and most other repro) size S M M L L XL XL XXL
Original M1943 Field Jacket Pattern B size 36R 38R 40R 42R 44R 46R 48R 52R
M50, 51, or 65 Field Jacket size S M M L L XL XL XXL