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506th Jump Jacket
506th Jump Jacket

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506th Jump Jacket Size*:

Product Description
"506th" Jump Jacket. Spare pockets added to each
sleeve. Originals were typically
sewn by hand.
There is a very noticeable shade
difference between the extra
pockets and the rest of the
Some paratroopers, not just those in the 506th, added one or more spare pockets to their jump jackets to increase carrying capacity. These were placed on the upper sleeves and occasionally on the rear of the skirt. The few surviving originals show that these were often hand sewn with neatness not being much of a consideration.

We have modified a few of our jump jackets here in the shop by adding spare pockets to the upper arms. These extra pockets are of a different shade than the jackets- just like those in WWII would have been having been cannibalized from other uniforms. A 101st patch has also been added. Why does this nearly double the price of the jacket? Simple- labor costs 10x what it does where the
jackets are made.

Yes- there is a distinct mis-match between the shade of the extra pockets and the rest of the jacket. This may be unacceptable to some but it's totally authentic. We do not have any spare pockets that match.