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Standard M1942 Paratrooper Jacket
Standard M1942 Paratrooper Jacket

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Standard Jump Jacket Size*:

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ATF's M1942 Uniforms:
First and foremost these uniforms are not available from any other source. There are several other M1942 Para reproductions, but our are specific to us. Ours are copied directly from mint condition originals. How am I so sure? Because I provided the original uniforms and the patterns.

Several years ago, we sent my unissued original 40R jacket and size 34 trousers to our overseas manufacturer, along with our patterns used when we made the uniforms here. I also have a mint condition 42R and 44R jacket here to compare the size grade. These uniforms fit like the real thing. Besides having the correct fit, which most other copies do not, we used US Made zinc plated snaps by Scovil. Zippers are genuine Talon brand. Belt buckles are also US made. So, we do not have the tin snaps and paper thin buckles that fail if you look at them.

Fabric & Color: Yes, we are very certain that our uniforms are the same color as the real ones used in WWII were. We have multiple originals on hand to check our colors against. It is also important to know that the colors seen on computer monitors, films, and video games are not entirely true to real life due to editing and settings on the screen. The 8 oz. 100% cotton twill is the same weight as used on the real WWII uniforms. Yes, some reproductions are made from heavier material (approaching denim) - but we're going by the original, not a copy. The uniforms are slightly long to allow for shrinkage.


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