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Army Khaki Trousers
Army Khaki Trousers

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Reproduction US Army Summer Service Trousers. Standard issue warm weather pants for all troops of the US Army and Air Corps throughout WWII. Initially used as combat clothing in warm areas, they were quickly supplanted in the role by the HBT uniforms late in 1942. These pants feature a semi-relaxed cut, straight legs, button fly, hip and rear pockets, watch pocket, made from 8 oz. cotton twill in Khaki shade no.1.

This is the ONLY Army uniform from WWII that was actually a true "khaki" in color.

Cut: Original WWII Wool and Khaki trousers actually share the same pattern- and, like the wool version, the khakis were made in both the early "skinny jean" cut as well as the later "loaded diaper" version. Being familiar with the problems of both, opted to I dis-honor history, compared the size proportions to some comfortable modern pants, and ended up almost exactly splitting the difference between the two WWII cuts. These fit well, but won't make one a soprano when they squat, nor does the rise reach the sternum.

Color: Yes, the Army khaki shirts, Army khaki trousers, Army khaki neck ties and Army khaki garrison caps are all made from the same color fabric, but there may be slight variances in the shade due several different dye batches having been involved in production. This simply is a normal characteristic of vat dyed fabric and our garments match one another more closely than most original WWII examples. It's a historical fact that the uniforms worn in WWII came in a wide range of shades.

Sizing: Our trouser waist sizes run 2-3 inches larger the marked size, just like nearly all other modern pants (they lie about how thin you are.) Levi's, Docker's, J. Crew, LL Bean, 5.11's, etc are the same way.

So, what size do I wear?

1. If one wears a "size 34" in Gap jeans, Docker's, etc, etc, then our size 34 will work.
2. However, suit pants, some work pants and original WWII trousers do NOT lie. If one wears a 34 in originals, or their waist tape measures 34 inches, then they can wear our 32.
Shrinkage warning: Like all cotton pants (or shirts) the inseam will shrink when washed. Our inseams are accurate, 33" when new. Final shrinkage is 1.5-2 inches on the inseams. Do not hem them until after they have been washed!


Care: 100% cotton. For best results, wash cold, then hang dry.