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Marine Khaki Shirt
Marine Khaki Shirt

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Product Description
Summer Service Shirt as issued to U.S. Marines throughout WWII for both service and field wear. Made from a lighter weight oxford shirting than the trousers, the khaki shirt was a roomy and comfortable garment. Our shirts were copied directly from several mint condition originals and all details were accurately recreated from the fabric weave and color, down to the pocket shapes, buttons, placket lining and spec labels in the tail.
Original USMC Summer Service Uniforms

Color: For reasons unknown, perhaps because they are made from different fabrics, the WWII USMC khaki shirts and neck ties are a lighter shade than the trousers and garrison caps. I have dozens of original examples, and this trait holds true throughout. This is historical fact. If one's history is nonetheless outraged, we recommend contacting the Marine Corps directly for consolation.

In more clear English, the pants and hats are a bit darker than the shirts and ties- that's how the originals were so that's how it was in WWII so that's what we copied.

Insignia: Often worn without any insignia, although rank and occasionally EGA's are seen, more often in garrison or rear areas.

Sizing: In WWII, these shirts were sized 1-6 which only go to a 17 1/2" neck. So, we opted to use the more familiar neck x sleeve system for our reproductions. Simply measure neck circumference and pick sleeve length like modern dress shirts.

Fit: Unlike some other reproductions, our sizes do NOT "run small". To the contrary, I had the necks and sleeves made slightly over size to allow for shrinkage. If one wears a half size then order DOWN.
Example: For someone who wears a 16 1/2, then order a 16.

Care: Machine or hand wash cold/ hang dry for longest life. Shrinkage is about 1" on the sleeve and body length.