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Marine Khaki Trousers
Marine Khaki Trousers

: $59.99

Marine Khaki Trouser Size*:

Product Description
Marine Corps Summer Service Trousers issued throughout WWII (and beyond) as a general purpose and combat uniform. (During 1942, the P41 "Utilities" began to replace them for field wear).

Our trousers were copied from a mint condition original pair and the results are excellent. Made from 100% cotton twill, in a slightly darker and browner shade than those worn by the Army, these feature button fly, slightly relaxed cut, waist darts and no rear pockets.

Color: For reasons unknown, possibly because they're made from different fabrics, the trousers (and garrison caps) are a slightly darker shade of khaki than the shirts and neck ties. I have several unissued original WWII trousers and over a dozen original shirts, and this trait holds true throughout them all. If this is offends one's history, we recommend contacting the Marine Corps and lodging a formal complaint.

In more clear English, the pants and hats are a bit darker than the shirts and ties- that's how the originals were so that's how it was in WWII so that's what we copied.
Original USMC Summer Service Uniforms

Sizing: Our trouser waist sizes run 2-3 inches larger the marked size, just like nearly all other modern pants (they lie about how thin you are.) Levi's, Docker's, J. Crew, LL Bean, 5.11's, etc are the same way.

So, what size do I wear?

1. If one wears a "size 34" in Gap jeans, Docker's, etc, etc, then our size 34 will work.
2. However, suit pants, some work pants and original WWII trousers do NOT lie. If one wears a 34 in originals, or their waist tape measures 34 inches, then they can wear our 32.
Shrinkage warning: Like all cotton pants (or shirts) the inseam will shrink when washed. Our inseams are accurate, 34" when new. Final shrinkage is 1.5-2 inches on the inseams. Do not hem them until after they have been washed!


Care: 100% cotton. For best results and longest life, we recommend hand or machine wash in cold, hang dry.