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US WWII Khaki Necktie
US WWII Khaki Necktie

: $14.99

Product Description
During WWII, neck ties were available from countless tailor shops and department stores, as well as the supply sergeant. Thus, they vary widely in shade and material. In practice, any combination of ties & shirt types was correct. For Reenacting/ Living History we realize many people are fixated on things "matching". So we now offer two styles of neck tie.
This is a reproduction of the WWII US Army khaki cotton neck tie. This is the type and color normally preferred for wear with the khaki cotton summer service uniform. Yes! These are a match (or very close) to our khaki shirts. (Original ties don't match as the were not made from the identical material as the shirts.)
And yes, these are period correct for wear with wool/ flannel or khaki cotton shirts.
100% cotton

These measure 56 inches long and 4 inches at the widest point.