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WWII T-Shirt
WWII T-Shirt

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Product Description
White, 100% cotton 1940's style tshirt. These are actually the white version of the USMC tshirt. However, troops of all services (Army, Navy, and Marine Corps) are often seen wearing plain white t-shirts in period photos. These are "generically" marked with just the size stamp (M, L, XL).
Made in USA?No. They are made in China- the US t-shirt companies we tried refused to use the right (thin) fabric or do the odd serge stitch. All they would do was to make the normal modern t-shirts. On the other hand, our contractor in China was willing to a historically accurate shirt.

Hand wash cold/ hang dry will make these last longest, but they are washer/ dryer safe. 100% cotton And this may be the only item we ever sell that you can bleach.

Tip for those who flunked Home Economics 101: If you wash whites (like these T-shirts) with other colors (non-whites... like green or khaki things) it may get tinted. It's best to wash whites together, especially if you're using warm or hot water.
Photo Note: new import laws force us to have a stamp in the neck now which means it will not match this photo.