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Women's HBT Trousers
Women's HBT Trousers

: $59.99

Women's HBT Trouser Size*:

Product Description
Reproduction of the herringbone twill cotton fatigue trousers issued in WWII to personnel serving in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC). These are copied directly from original examples, down to the buttons and labels.

Color: We chose to reproduce the first type of fatigues, Spec. 321, that were made in the OD No. 8 "light shade" as these match the Daisey Mae hats.

Sizing: The model in the photo has a 27" waist and 38" hips, and she's wearing size M trousers. A woman's size 14 is our XL.

First thing- these uniforms are 100% our own creation, and they are unique to ATF. Other reproductions have zero bearing on these. After some debate, we chose to simply stick with the sizing and pattern used on original WWII trousers. We contemplated trying to emulate "modern" sizing, but since there's less than no consistency with women's clothing, we opted to stick with the old way. Yes, several women were involved in this decision- this was not done on a patriarchal whim.

So, the waist sizes listed in the dropdown box are ACTUAL MEASURE. There is no vanity factor built in. For example, the size M has a waist of 30 inches, which can be tightened to 28 inches using the buttons on the sides. The hips are generally 16" larger than the waist size. (Thus a M has a hip measure of 46").

My screw up: Due to tunnel vision or some other deficiency, I geeked up the sizing scale on the larger trousers. The jump in waist size from XL to XXL should have been 38" to 42"....not 44". I stared at these size tables for hours, maybe days trying to make sure things fit correctly and still missed this. It's too late to change them. So, we have a gap in the 39"-41" area. My apologies- we'll correct that on the next run- whenever that happens.