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M2 Paratrooper Knife
M2 Paratrooper Knife

: $34.99


Product Description

Reproduction of the M2 Paratrooper Knife. The original M2's are switchblade type pocket knives, designed to allow airborne troopers to cut themselves free if they became entangled in the suspension lines of their parachute during landing. A small zipper pocket was provided in the M42 Jump Jacket at the lapel to carry the M2's since the other pockets were liable to be inaccessible due to parachute harnesses and field gear.

Our M2's are not real switchblades- although they look just like the real thing, depressing the release button only allows the blade to pop out about an inch, after which is has to be advanced to the open position by hand. The blade lock functions as it should. When carrying it, the lock should be engaged as bumping in ones pocket can lead to the blade releasing- as I just discovered a few minutes ago with the one I had snagged to use as box cutter. Real switchbaldes = all sorts of legal problems in many US states and countries.

Chemical analysis? Can I sell it as original? No and only to a novice. These compare well to my original M2, but I can tell them apart without much effort. So if fraud is your game, look elsewhere.

The parts on our reproductions are metric and will not interchange with originals- so cannibalizing these to fix broken WWII knives is not an option.
The blades are marked "stainless" only. No maker marks. These are excellent quality, but won't pass for an original.


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