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Ontario M3 Trench Knife
Ontario M3 Trench Knife

: $89.99


Product Description
Ontario knife compared to original
M3 knife.

USA made reproduction of the famous M3 Trench Knife by Ontario. (This company made knives for the military during WWII but not M3's.) It features a parkarized 1095 carbon steel blade and hilt, and a stacked leather grip like the WWII knives. The blade is stamped "US M3 Ontario 1943".

The M3 was introduced in 1943, intended for troops armed with M1 Carbines. (Until 1945, Carbines had no bayonet lug and thus, no bayonets.) As with many handy items, these were quickly acquired by thousands of soldiers regardless of what weapon they carried. They featured a 6.75" blade, leather stacked handle and handguard. In late 1944, a bayonet lug was introduced for Carbines and the M4 bayonet began to replace the M3. The early knives were equipped with M6 leather scabbards, which were then superseded in 1944 with the M8 fiberglass type.

No Scabbards: This listing is for the knife only. Scabbards are sold separately.

Handle color: Ontario's M3's have handles that are a rather bright redwood or cedar color. We refinish them here to darken them to better replicate the color of the WWII knives.

Note! This is NOT a bayonet. It does not have a provision to fit on any rifle. However, there is a bayonet for the 1945 and later M1 Carbines: the "M4 Bayonet."

US sales ONLY! These can not be shipped to Canada or overseas.

Made in USA