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M8 Scabbard, Early, OD3
M8 Scabbard, Early, OD3

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Product Description
Early scabbards
use OD3 "khaki"
Webbing is exact
snaps and rivets
are USA made
Loop is about 1/8"
larger than originals
to make it easier to
fit over pistol belt

Reproduction of the M8 scabbard for the M3 Trench Knife and it's replacement, the M4 Carbine Bayonet. First appearing in early 1944, this scabbard replaced the leather M6 model. The body is fiberglass, with a steel throat and 1.25" wide web belt loop. They were designed to fit over the standard issue trouser or pistol belt. In late 1944, the loop was lengthened slightly and a standard 2.5" wire hook added to allow them to be attached to the cartridge belts as well.

Our reproductions are a mix of imported and USA made parts. We were able to acquire the plastic bodies and metal throat plates, which we refinish and alter to the correct WWII color and leg tie slot size. For the early production scabbards, we manufacture the belt loops using original US Army od #3 "khaki" cotton webbing and Scovil brand snaps and rivets. Finally we add a 50" leather leg tie, made from American cowhide. These look nothing like the usual fecal matter available from other companies.

Fit: These will take either the M3 Trench Knife or M4 Carbine Bayonets with 6.75" blades. They DO NOT FIT Garand bayonets or any other edged weapon.