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M1918 B.A.R. Sling, Natural, Made in USA
M1918 B.A.R. Sling, Natural, Made in USA

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Product Description

American made M1918 BAR
Custom made linen thread
in the correct golden tan
Original hooks Original slings were very light
colored when new. Oil, sunlight,
sweat, and use darkens them rapidly.
Brand new, ATF made slings for the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (B.A.R.). These are identical to the M1907's except that they have 3 hooks instead of 2. This makes it easier to re-sling them for the "walking fire" tactic from World War I.

The leather is cowhide from this hemisphere*, not urine tanned water buffalo. We strap cut the slings, crease them by hand, then die punch the holes. The dring and keepers are sewn with linen thread in the WWII golden-tan shade that we had specially made in Connecticut. Lastly, the original hooks are attached using the correct size solid steel rivets.

Color: Original US military leather slings were not dyed at the factory- when new, they were "natural" in color. I own several mint condition original, WWII manufacture M1907 and BAR slings (including one still in the package) and they are all undyed, and a very, very light tan. Like the authentic articles, we make ours the same way. This rattles some novice enthusiasts, but this is historical fact, and a little leather oil (like neetsfoot) darkens them rapidly. Even an hour in the sun will tint them notably.

How to darken the slings:
Use it! Unless you hands are perfectly clean and dry, just handling the sling will begin to change the color. One quick coat of neetsfoot oil will darken it to a light golden brown (see photos).
Use it some more! Go to the range, a reenactment, squirrel hunting whatever....the sunlight, dust, dirt, powder residue and rain will all contribute to the process.
Dye it? Yes, one may do so (with leather dye- not ink jet, copier pigment, or RIT) but it's not necessary.
It will take some time, but patience is the best policy here- to truly look broken in, that's what has to happen to it.

Yes, these fit all BAR models- M1918, M1918A1, and M1918A2. They will fit most weapons with 1.5" sling swivels.

Made in USA

*Our leather may come from USA, Mexico, or Brazil depending on the batch. We select the hides for best finish and quality. Lately (2022) the latter two countries have had superior leather.