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M13 Rifle Case, OD3, 38"
M13 Rifle Case, OD3, 38"

: $79.99


Product Description
Some of the rifles that fit. Made with "vintage" type
Adjustable shoulder strap.

The M13 is our rifle case for modern sporting rifles made from "vintage" materials. We chose M13 as the model number since 2013 was the year we first began making this style case, albeit in a narrower and longer pattern. That was based on the WW1 era case made for Springfield rifles.

These cases are made from two layers of #8 cotton duck, with the outer layer in the WWII olive drab no.3, commonly referred to as khaki. The inner layer is the no. 7 shade. An adjustable shoulder strap is provided, and the slides are genuine WWII production. (Years ago I scored a pallet of originals in a crate in an old surplus store.) The rest of the hardware is all milspec, WWII pattern. A regular handle is also present.

This case works perfectly to carry the rifle in the back seat or cargo compartment. It's easy to grab, well balanced, and simple to secure.

Made in USA

Fit: I've done more experimenting than usual, and it's simpler to measure the rifle than to make an exhaustive list. The maximum length that will fit in these is 38.5"- measured from the end of the muzzle to the end of the stock. Heightwise, 11 or 11.5" is the tallest that will go.

I visited a friend of mine who is a weapon hoarder of sorts and almost all the modern "tacticool" rifles fit. Just about any variation of AK or AR platforms did fit. To my surprise, an M16A1 with a 20" barrel (in issue configuration) just barely made it.

Of note, SKS and FNFAL are too long and will not fit.

Yes, we tried some with vertical grips and bipods and those worked. (Harris and Magpul).

I am NOT an expert on modern sporting rifles. I do not know most of them. So, before asking will a an XYZ rifle will fit, just measure it. If it's more than 38.5" long or 11.5" high then the answer is no.

Other colors or models?
Yes, we plan to make some in the WWII camo patterns.
Yes, we are considering changes to the cases but it will take time to work them out.
Yes, we are working on a different case, that is rectangular with 2 shoulder straps and at least one pocket. Time...time...