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US Officer Flannel Shirt
US Officer Flannel Shirt

: $59.99

Officer Flannel Shirt Size*:

Product Description Sizing Information
Insignia, belt, and trousers
sold separately

This is our new reproduction of the US Army Officer's "od flannel shirt", standard issue for all of WWII. We developed a these using 100% cotton flannel rather than the wool blend of the originals. Visually, they look nearly identical- but when it comes to care and, above all, comfort they are night and day.

These are the M37 Pattern with the placket and structured collar so for a sharper appearance when wearing neckties. These differ from the regular Flannel Shirts by having epaulets.

History Haters: Know this. This fabric looks very close to the wool cloth used on WWII shirts- far less awful than the 80% polyester Sturm shirts which are worn by hundreds of reenactors that glisten in the sun.

Care label error: The manufacturer used the wool shirt "Dry Clean Only" care labels by mistake- these shirts are washer/ dryer safe. Yes, we are certain.

Sized like modern flannel shirts- S, M, L, XL, and XXL.
Neck Size equivalents
S = 14
M = 15
L = 16
XL = 17
XXL = 18
XXXL = 19


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