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Musette Bag, Transitional, Made in USA
Musette Bag, Transitional, Made in USA

: $99.99

Product Description

At the Front manufactured reproduction of the M1936 Musette Bag issued to troops during WWII. It can be worn as a pack, attached to the M1936 Combat Suspenders, or as a bag by using the detachable shoulder strap. Although general issue, these are most often associated with US Army Paratroopers who used these as backpacks due to the impracticality of the M1928 Haversack for airborne operations. The musette bag has a small, 5" x 5" external side pocket, and a larger, 10' x 12" rear pocket, both closed with tack buttons. The main compartment is approximately 11" x 12" x 5", and this has an internal divider that itself is divided in two,

In late 1942 the Army decided to switch from olive drab number 3 to a darker olive drab number 7 shade of canvas and webbing for their field gear. However, manufacturers were allowed to use up remaining inventories of the older color fabrics. This led to many items being made from a mixture of both colors- hence, "transitional". Our Musette Bags are made just like the originals, using no. 8 100% cotton duck canvas, in the WWII issue olive drab number 7 shade. The straps are 100% cotton, shuttle loomed webbing of the appropriate sizes and types, in olive drab number 7, with olive drab number 3 binding tape for the mixed appearance.

All hardware is military spec- much of it is original WWII, and the rest is made by companies that made it during WWII. (A couple are still in business.) For these bags, the cast 1" slides and riveted buckles on the shoulder straps are actual WWII originals. The markings are professionally stenciled and heat cured. All bags include the 2" wide General Purpose carrying strap. giving 4 actual compartments inside. .

Made in USA