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Unit Cuff Titles

Select German units were allowed to wear cuff titles bearing the unit name. Most often associated with elite formations, some were simply identifiers, such as for war correspondents and military police. Titles were worn on the right or left sleeve, depending on the unit, usually just above the split cuff on the tunic.

"Grossdeutschland" was eventually the largest unit in the German Army. The cuff titles for this division exist in over a dozen variations, including different colors, weaving styles, letter styles, and widths. The initial title was the "Gothic" pattern, worn by troops of the original Wach Regiment. The Sutterlin and handwritten styles followed shortly thereafter. The black, Sutterlin pattern seems to have been the most common. If you are in a reenacting unit, see if they have a preference before ordering. By 1943, all patterns were in use, so "correct" is simply a matter of preference.
Officers and NCO's often acquired the hand-embroidered ("officer") pattern insignia from private tailors and uniform shops. All styles were worn on the right sleeve.

"Afrikakorps": Also known as the DAK, the this cuff title was worn by troops serving in North Africa under Rommel. Worn on the right sleeve.

"Feldgendarmarie": For military police. Worn on the left sleeve.

"Kriegsberichter des Heeres": Army war correspondents. Worn on the left sleeve.

Campaign Cuff Titles

These were issued for participation in a specific combat theater, and members of any branch of service were eligible. These include "Afrika", "Metz" and "Kreta". All were worn on the left sleeve.

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