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WWII Vendors

Listed below are other vendors of WWII related militaria, reproduction and original. Only businesses with WWII military products will be listed here. Post-1945 products, such as surplus, "Tactical"/ Law Enforcement, survival/ "prepper", SKS/ AR15 parts, political sites (White Power, Black Panther etc), etc,etc are not relevant. Also, dolls, toys and models, even if WWII related, don't count.

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WE DO NOT HANDLE OR HAVE ANY INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR ORDERS FROM ANY COMPANY ON THIS PAGE. We try not to list companies that are habitually known to be in any way disreputable. However, since I am not personally familiar all of them, I may miss a scoundrel. This relates to fraudulent business practices, not personality conflicts or you not agreeing with the shade of khaki on their sewing kits. If we have an out and out crook linked here, let me know and I'll look into it. As with other links, please let us know if any do not work.

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Reproduction Militaria

1944 Militaria: Dealer in high-quality German repro & original items.
Armbruster Tents: US Tents.
Armorcast Reenactor Grenades: Poly-rubber dummy grenades so you won't cave in your buddy's head!
Army/Navy.com: Dog tag service.
Bierhals Schmid Werke: Reproduction labels, tags, booklets and other printed material.
Bill Bureau's Militaria: Carries the tailor-made Janke German officer and enlisted uniforms.
Blue Max Militaria: Action figures & reenacting accessories.
Cheap Crap You Don't Need Enterprises: A little bit of everything militaria.
Clements Trading: Specializing in WW2 rations and reenactment items.
Continental Militaria: Vit's quality reproductions from the Czech Republic.
Dehner Riding Accessories: A source for high-quality stock and custom riding boots.
Dogtags Online: WW2-modern & pet tags.
E.B. Normandie 1944: I'm not really sure. It's all in French...
Elsenau Militaria: Custom made German caps and uniforms from Poland.
Epic Militaria: Repro WWII products in the U.K.
Espenlaub Militaria: Original WW2 German and Russian Militaria for sale and Battlefield tours.
FJ Werke: High quality reproduction German Paratrooper smocks, helmets etc..
Fredericci Schumacher: Custom WWI and WWII boots from Poland.
Frontline Crates: Just as the name says...
GD43: Reproduction German headgear and insignia sewing.
German Helmets Inc: Stahlhelms and other German militaria.
The History Bunker: Vendor of uniforms, maps, music, books and maps in the U.K..
History Preservation Associates: U.S. distributor for Eastman Leather products.
HWW Manniquins: A great source for quality display manniquins, busts, and heads.
J. Murray Inc.: US M1 helmet restorations & reproductions.
Kelly's Military: Reproduction German medals, insignia, gear, uniforms, etc..
Koutny Boots: Bespoke, hand-made reproduction boots from Czech Republic.
Kelly's Militaria: Repro German uniforms & gear.
Krautgear: Excellent reproduction US & German crates and parts.
Kriegsende Militaria: Jeff Snively's kick ass repro German odds' & ends.
Lederarsenal: Jan Berger's custom made Jackboots and Lowboots from Germany.
LVP Paints: RAL colors available in pints, quarts, gallons or spray cans.
LWY Werke: Custom German insignia- shoulder boards, chain stitching, etc.
Maggaro Militaria: Reproductions from Italy.
Malcom Wagner Militaria: Original German items from the UK.
Man the Line: US & German reproductions.
Mark-1-Tank: Scale radio-controlled tanks & kits from England.
Mash: Japanese company specializing in high-end reproductions of select US items.
Militaria Collection: Italian dealer in German and Fascist Italian collectibles.
Militaria.Net: A UK militaria dealer directory.
Military Antiques and Surplus: Just what the name says...
Military Vehicles: European site linking various MV sites.
Military Tour: Reenacting supplies.
Moore Leather: Top quality leather work- slings, belts, scabbards.
NCHS: All manner of militaria- George has been at this for at least 75 years.
Northwest Military Vehicles Ltd. Co.: Seller of military vehicles.
Omaha's: US and foreign surplus from WW II-era to modern.
Outpost Flags: All sorts of random WWII & modern nic-nacs.
Panther Store: Reproduction gear & uniforms in the Czech Republic.
Pegasus Militaria: Reproduction British militaria.
Pike Brothers: Women's uniforms and accessories.
Quartermaster Inspector: Reproduction US & German WWII from Belgium.
Relics WW2: Mostly ground dug relics from the former USSR.
Richard Underwood Military: Reproduction German militaria from the UK.
Service of Supply: Vendors of specialty US fieldgear and other original items.
SM Wholesale: SMW's American and German uniforms & gear.
Soldat FHQ: Cyrus Lee's militaria and books.
Soldier of Fortune: Reproduction US and German, WWI and WWII.
Somme Poppies: Reproduction paperwork and medical items.
Soviet Military Stuff: Like it says. Red Army stuff from Russia.
Staman International Trading: Military vehicle parts.
The Rigger Depot: Reproduction parachute harnesses and the like.
Time Machine 13: Formerly M43 Caps.com
TNW Firearms: Replica & semi-auto WW II arms.
Traders of The Lost Surplus: "Commander" Scotty Babcock's militaria.
Western European Products: Reproduction & postwar militaria.
USMC WWII Dog Tags: Like it says....
Verlag Kopf: Nice selection of repro pocket litter, stencils of all sorts, helmet parts, games, playing cards etc..
Vintage Productions: All manner of militaria, both original and reproduction.
Vintage Stitches: 1940's knitwear.
Waffenamt Shop: Steel stamps of any sort for marking gear and weapons.
Warhats: WW1 & WWII Headgear, parts, and restorations.
Weingarten Gallery: Sterling silver US insignia.
WH Restorer: Offers reproduction Panzer headsets and various parts for radios and optics.
What Price Glory: Jerry Lee's militaria, specializing in original and repro British and US.
Willy's Acres: Military vehicle sales and restorations.
WWII Dogtags: As stated.
WWII Flightwear: Hand made hats made in the USA.
WWII Impressions: Quality GI uniforms.
Yours Sincerely Reproductions: Interesting selection of recreated paperwork, letterheads, V-mail, and all manner of pocket litter.

Sewing & Tailoring:
GD43: Insignia sewing, custom caps, and more.
Neal Hurst: Tailoring and clothing design. Specializing in 17th-20th Century garments.
Service Co. Rigger Mods: Specializing in US Airborne rigger gear and uniform modifications.
Sharon's Custom Sewing: Alterations, design work, etc.

Original Militaria

44th Collectors Avenue: Original WWI & WWII militaria.
Ardennes 44:
Original US and German militaria.
Arnhem44: Original German and British militaria.
Aubrey Military Antiques: WWII German, mostly ordnance and weapon related. From the UK.
Axis Militaria: A very wide range of German aircraft & vehicle parts plus gear, uniforms, etc, etc..
1944Supply.com: Original US WWII militaria.
Bergflak's Lounge German MG & MP parts, plus research info on weapons, mounts, slings, etc.
Bevo Militaria: Formerly Sander Boutique. Nice selection of WWII militaria.

Bunker Militaria: 19th & 20th century original European militaria
Bergstrom Militaria: Original German items.
Collector's Guild: Original only militaria. German, Japanese, US, British, Italian.
Combat Relics: Original WWII Allied & Axis militaria.
Craig Gottlieb Militaria: German WWII medals, uniforms, flags, etc..
Doughboy: Original militaria, US, German, CW, etc..
EA Militaria: Original items from Europe.
Ersatz Militaria: German & US militaria.
Espenlaub Militaria: German and Soviet.
FJM44: Frederick's original German WWII gear.
FK45: Top end militaria from England.
Fortitude Militaria: Original militaria from France.
Franz Fruth Militaria: Austrian company offering original WWII militaria.
German Military Collectibles: Site for members to list original and repro militaria.
German War Booty: Original German & US.
Grenadier Military Antiques: German militaria.
IMCS Militaria: Mark van Thiel's WWII militaria from Holland.
Hanner's Reich: Original German, especially SS items.
Hayes Otoupalik: Original US militaria.
Hiscoll Military Antiques: German militaria.
Historical Parts Company: Small but nice selection of WWII firearms & parts.
Italian Warfront: Mostly German militaria.
Jessen's Relics: Original US & German militaria.
John Casino: German militaria.
Linda Mae Militaria: WWII items.
Luftwaffe Militaria: The name is very accurate.
LUX Militaria: Original US & German militaria.
Military Collectibles: WWII German & US militaira.
Militariaplaza: WWII items from the Netherlands.
Militaria Versand Emig: Parent company to Bunker Militaria, with a huge selection of original militaria and antiques.
Oak Leaf Militaria: Original German WWII militaria.
Overlooked Military Surplus: A random mix of US & German militaria of all eras.
Paratrooper Militaria: Original US items from France.
Ratisbon's: Militaria auctions.
Regimentals: High quality militaria from the UK.
Regimental Depot: German, Civil War & Vietnam militaria.
Relics WW2: Mostly ground dug relics from the former USSR.
Rock Island Auction: Militaria and firearms auctions.
RHJ Military Antiques: WWII German militaria.
Ruptured Duck: Bill Shea's Allied & Axis insignia & collectibles.
Selles Military Antiques: US & German items from France.
Simpson Ltd: Firearms, plus a decent selection of militaria as well.
SS Steel: Original German militaria.
SS-BW Militaria: UK company specializing in...one guess.
Stalingradfront: Relics from the battlefields of the Eastern Front.
Steve Turner's Combat Relic's: Original WWII militaria.
Stewart's Military Antiques:
Carries a vast array of excellent original militaria.
Summer Vacation Militaria:Original and reproduction WWII militaria.
Tarn Militaria: Original German uniforms, gear, etc..
The Marshals Baton:Reproduction FM Batons and original militaria.
Wehrmacht Bunker: Nice selection of WWII photos and documents.
Virtual Grenadier: Original German Militaria.
The War Front: Original US and German items.
Time Traveler Militaria: A very wide range of WWII militaria, Axis and Allied.
Weitze Militaria: Militaria of all types from Germany.
World War Collectibles: Company in the Netherlands offering Allied and Axis originals.
WWII German Militaria.com: Just as it says...

Firearms & Blanks

AAS: All manner of firearms (incl. MG34/42, G43, etc) related parts and accessories from France.
Allegheny Arsenal:
All manner of old military gun parts, especially MG34/ 42.
Apfeltor Waffenfabrik: Gunsmithing service, specializing in the German G/K-43.
Armslist: Firearms classifieds.
Atlantic Wall Blanks: Blank cartridges for all nationalities.
Aubrey Militaria: Lots of original weapon and ordnance related stuff from the UK.
BRP Guns: Lots of parts for MG34 and MG 42, plus miscellaneous weapons.
DK Production Group: Kentucky based company manufacturing new parts for MP48/ 40, MP44, FG42 and so on.
Dunrite Armory: Blank firing weapons/
Gunbroker: One of the largest firearms auction sites.
Gunboards.com: Informational site with message boards for firearms & militaria trading.
Guns of Liberty: Replica 1919a4 and Jeep Pedestals.
Indianapolis Ordnance: Blank firing replicas.
Joe Swanson's Motion Picture Blanks, Inc: Dealer in top-quality blanks.
J&M Spec Firearms: Supplier of blanks, dummy ammo, & film props.
Legacy Collectibles: Weapons and militaria from Pa.
Liberty Tree Collectors: All manner of military gun parts.
Numrich: Military gun parts.
Philadelphia Ordnance: Full-auto blank firing replicas.
Ravenna Arsenal: Gunsmithing, blank adaptors, etc, etc.
RTG Parts: They have a smattering of MG34 and 42 parts.
Sarco Inc: The list is too long- just about everything under the sun.
Simpson Ltd: Firearms, plus a decent selection of militaria as well.

Shoe Repair and Sewing
Talbots Fine Accessories: Doug Strong's shop.
Dawson Shoe Repair: In Columbia Mo.

Books and Movies

Brandenburg Historica: Books, music, and historical artifacts of the 3rd Reich.
International Historical Films: Lots and lots of German and US newsreel footage.
Merriam Press: WWII and Military History Publisher and Bookseller.
Mike's Book Dragon: Books & Dragon action figures.
Military Graphics: By Robert Bolish. Beautiful WW II vehicle portraits.
Military Postcards:
Photos & postcards from the war.
Model Aces: Scale model aircraft.
Portrayal Press: Military books and manuals.
RZM Imports: Quality books, magazines, and videos for WW II.
Through Their Eyes: CD's of original photos from Soldier's albums.
Thunderbolt Productions: WW II art, photography, and paperwork (US).
Tomahawk Films:
Dealer in German marching music & movies.