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Type 1 German Folding Shovel Carrier
Type 1 German Folding Shovel Carrier

: $39.99

Product Description

New, quality copies of the "box top" 1st Type carrier for the WWII German Folding Shovels (Klappspaten). Our carriers are copied from an original, and have all the same details, down to the hand stitched construction. The hardware and pattern are identical to WWII.

Folding shovels appeared early in the War, and was a great improvement over the standard entrenching tools, but they both styles were issued and used until the end. Their issue appeared random and was not unit specific.

Wear Note: These were sometimes used to carry stick grenades- but the box top makes that tough. If that's the look you're after, the Type II works much better.

18cm wide x 22cm tall.