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6 Cell MP40 Pouch, bla 1944
6 Cell MP40 Pouch, bla 1944

: $74.99

Product Description
Correct reproduction of the 6 cell magazine pouch made for the MP38 and MP40 submachineguns in WWII. Like the early originals, our pouches are made from olive colored cotton canvas, sewn with cotton thread, with hand sewn web fittings. The gray straps which secure the flap closed are specially loomed webbing with the buttonholes incorporated in the weave- not sewn. We are the only company ever to have had this detail reproduced.

Correctly marked and dated. This variant is marked "bla 1944" the code for E.G. Leuner, Bautzen- a company that made this style pouch in WWII.

Note: About half of these are shady- meaning one or more of the pieces of canvas is notably darker or lighter than the rest. This i actually gear nerd cool- it's very typical of original German canvas equipment. The one in the photos is like this. We do not have them shorted one way or the other- they're bagged and labeled so the chance of receiving one is about 50/50.

Historical Details: The "6 pack" pouches are usually associated with German paratroopers during WWII. A lesser known fact is that thousands more were carried in tanks and SPW's. Most AFV's have special mounts for these pouches just below each MP40 rack in their hulls. Most weapon collectors suspect that these pouches were actually designed for vehicles- as it's much easier to grab a shoulder bag than a pair of belt pouches when exiting a (possibly burning) vehicle. The paratroopers likely noted that they also fitted their needs and obtained some one way or another. The exact criteria for their issue and use is unknown.

AFV stowage Bracket detail

Like other magazine pouches, originals were manufactured in cotton or rayon canvas, and came in olive, gray, tan, and field blue. Production appears to have begun in 1941 and carried through to the end.

Shoulder Straps- sold separately: Although belt loops are provided on the rear of the pouch, these were supposedly issued with special a 40mm wide shoulder strap. We are offering them separately as the wartime vehicle manuals appear to show them stowed without a strap- but I suspect they were removed for tidier appearance in the photos. Regardless the vehicle guys don't want to spend money on a strap they "don't need". Ok...
Click on the image above to go to the strap listing. Yes, cheaper options (such as breadbag straps) can be used as well.

These were NOT issued in pairs! The 6 cell pouch was made to be used in lieu of the typical 2 x 3 cell pouches. Yes, some vendors offer "pairs" but they are completely unfamiliar with the actual history of this pouch. Pairs = FARB.

Holds: Six 30 round magazines for MP38/ 40 SMG's and one loading tool. What all else fits in these slots? No clue. Beef sticks, wrenches, cigars? An MP40 magazine is 9.5" x 1.25" x .75" if that helps.

Pouch dimensions: Approximately 9" wide x 10" tall x 1.5" deep. (23cm x 26cm x 1.5cm) (D-rings on back are 7" apart center to center).

Farb City: There are other reproductions available- (a few are even offered in pairs- talk about Tacticool)- most if not all being utter abominations in appearance (brass studs, slime green canvas, totally wrong shape, etc). Why? Likely because the company in Asia that makes them has no clue what originals look like. (An authentic pouch now typically costs $5,000+.)

Yes ours cost more than any other repros- if this is unacceptable, just hop on the internet and grab a couple of baby puke green specials for half the price.