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German 40mm Shoulder Strap, Early Pattern
German 40mm Shoulder Strap, Early Pattern

: $29.99

Product Description
40mm Shoulder Strap Exact reproduction hooks MP40 pouch sold separately
Reproduction of the shoulder strap typically used to carry the 6 cell MP40 magazine pouch. The straps are hand stitched with linen thread.

All parts were custom made for us to match original components. The 40mm wide webbing is the correct German pattern weave, in the typical olive tan shade. The snap hooks were copied from an original, early War, aluminum example. The tooling cost for the hooks is the main reason these are relatively expensive.

During WWII, these were made in olive, tan, gray and the coarse gray/ tan "burlap" web material. Early hooks were aluminum, and later ones steel. Similar straps were used for the MG Ammo can bags. Today, authentic examples are nearly non-existent...they are one of the rarest and most expensive of German weapon accessories.

Steel Hooks? Yes, we are working on the later War versions. However, we have no plans to make the gray webbing due to the immense minimum order required. (5,000 meters.)

Shoulder strap: 1 5/8" (40mm) wide x 52" fully extended. (40mm x 130cm)