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MG Gunners Pouch, Black
MG Gunners Pouch, Black

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Product Description

Complete reproduction accessory pouch for the MG34 and MG42 gunners. High-quality all the way around, hand stitched leather, complete with maker marks and all internal fittings to secure the "spider" anti-aircraft sight, spare bolt, ruptured casing extractor, and wrench.

Made from hand-sewn black leather with belt loops and D-ring (for Y-strap attachment) on the rear; the AA sight's holder is made from sheet steel and thin plywood to prevent the sight from being bent, just like the originals. Maker marked with WaA stamp. Markings vary.


AA sight holder note:
Yes, these will fit the MG42 AA sights. They lack the triangular cut out, but all one has to do is push gently and the there is enough space for the sight to rotate to the 1 or 11 o'clock position and allow the flap to close. Yes, I have tested this with MG42 "spider" sights.

MG-34 MG-42 mg42 mg34 mg-34 mg-42
Fully packed. How does it all fit?
Like this.
MG34 tools and parts.
(Make sure the bolt is in
the "fired" position- otherwise
it's too long.)
(The wrench fits no part of an MG42
hence it is not carried.)

What are the "regulation" contents? The actual WWII packing lists vary quite a bit depending on which MG one is dealing with and which of several editions of the manuals or Waffenmeister bulletins are consulted.

Above are the most consistently mentioned items for MG34 and 42 gunners to pack in their tool pouches. There is also a T-handled chamber rod to be made by the Waffenmeister that I did not have on hand (it will easily fit too). Yes, all that stuff does fit in these pouches, and they do close. One may need to experiment a bit with where to put what and in what order to insert each thing.

What's the clip in the lid for? Those are to hold a 7.94mm barrel wear gauge that is stored in a bakelite container. These were discontinued early in the War with the hypothesis being too that many barrels were being turned in as "worn out".

I wanna be authentic! Well, any of us who carried MG's in a real military service know that each gunner quickly decides what they want to have on hand and what they can jettison. Unless one is planning to shoot at aero planes, the AA sight can be left at home (it tends to rattle). Likewise, if the gun is not being used on a Lafette, there's no need for the spanner wrench. And, with good quality lubricant in the oil can, the flowers of sulphur container is pointless. A spare bolt (or two) is super handy, the parts tin for firing pins and springs is a must, and a small screwdriver can be a life saver. Lastly, a small rag is indispensable and can double up as a pad to prevent rattles.

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