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MG Gunners Pouch, Black
MG Gunners Pouch, Black

: $49.99

Product Description

Complete reproduction accessory pouch for the MG 34/ 42 gunners. High-quality all the way around, hand stitched leather, complete with maker marks and all internal fittings to secure the "spider" anti-aircraft sight, spare bolt, ruptured casing extractor, and wrench. Other accessories simply fit in around these items... sorry, we cannot supply the accessories.

Made from hand-sewn black leather with belt loops and D-ring (for Y-strap attachment) on the rear; the AA sight's holder is made from sheet steel and thin plywood to prevent the sight from being bent, just like the originals.


AA sight holder note:
Yes, these are the MG42 pattern sheet metal bracket with the triangular cut out some MG42 AA sights fit in them- namely the ones without the screw and nut where the post attaches to the base of the sight itself.

From Experience: When I use my '42, I don't carry the AA "spider sight" in mine because it tends to rattle. A spare bolt, some REM oil and a shell extractor with a rag jammed in to keep everything quiet is most practical.