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German MG Gunner Fieldgear Package
German MG Gunner Fieldgear Package
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Base Price
: $239.99

Choose Service Belt*:

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Product Description

Now you can build you own German equipment package.
This package is for troops armed with MG34, MG42, or MG15 Machineguns. (The semi-automatic versions use the same tool pouch.)

1. At this time, we do not have a consistent supply of canteens, that's why they are an add on.
2. Other items may be purchased, but they are not discounted or part of the package. There are simply too many different types of gear to make it practical.
3. No deletions other than those in the drop-down menus.
4. The inventory of individual items is tied into the shopping cart and drop down menus- if an item is out of stock, a yellow box will appear indicating this and ask you to choose a different option.
(If you don't want one or more of the items that's fine- it's no longer a set. Any additional items you do want must be purchased individually)

MG Gunner Package
shown with additional

Base Price includes includes:
EM Belt (standard)
EM Belt Buckle (Heer, WSS, Luftwaffe )
MG Gunner Pouch (Black or Tan)
Pistol Holster (P08, P38, or HP)
M31 Breadbag
Y-straps (Leather or Web, 9 types)
Gas Mask Canister (reproduction)

Optional Items:

M31 Canteen
Entrenching Tools and Carriers
A-frame bag
Mess Tin
Mess Tin Straps
Tornister Straps

Available Upgrades:
Orignal Gas Mask Canister
Texled Y-straps
Texled A-frames and bags