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German Fieldgear Packages

Our German fieldgear packages are the easiest way to acquire the basic kit necessary to portray a WWII German solider. Our drop down menus allow you to literally build your own package to fit your needs and impression. Although all German webgear is modular and will interchange with the basic belt and suspenders, we have divided the packages by weapon type in order to make things simpler for the new enthusiast.

No substitutions or deletions are permitted other than those listed in each set's description.

Fieldgear Wear
Like all soldiers, German troops usually dispensed with the regulation method of wearing their gear shortly after they left the training grounds. Just about every conceivable combination or modification can be found in period photos. The priorities were comfort, accessibility to important items, and noise discipline. German fieldgear is very rattle and clank prone, but experienced troops can minimize or eliminate the rattle traps. Above are three of the most commonly seen ways troops rigged their gear when carrying the full kit.
Some tips from experience:
1. Place the left breadbag loop to the left of the Y-strap attachment point. Otherwise the breadbag will slide to the right and bunch up.
2. Y-strap accessory straps (when no A-frame is worn) can either be looped through the belt or the front hooks of the Y-straps to they don't swing and rattle. Some troops simply cut them off.
3. The Zeltbahn can positioned on the belt to prevent the gas mask can from clanking against the canteen cup and bayonet hilt.
4. Gas Sheets and bags can also be worn on the lower portion of the gas mask canister to help reduce clanking.
5. Carrying the canteen cup inside the breadbag (or not carrying one at all) really helps with rattles.

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