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Overprint Zeltbahn
Overprint Zeltbahn

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Product Description

Reproduction WWII Zeltbahn in the "Overprint" camouflage pattern. This is one of the more common camouflage designs used by the WSS during WWII from 1943-45.

Our Zeltbahns are made exclusively for ATF, using the WWII pattern schematic, exact reproduction hardware and the correct oplin fabric treated with a durable water repellent finish. They fit together properly, are cut and sewn like originals and they actually shed water in contrast to most reproductions.

Our fabric is 100% cotton poplin, tightly woven just like the original cloth. When it gets wet, the fibers swell, closing the spaces in between and repelling water. Originals fabric was treated with a paraffin based product called Peristol which is no longer made, so we use a modern water repellent that is invisible and does not change the feel of the cloth.

Construction: We were able to persuade the factory to use mixed shades and patterns on the Zeltbahns, just like nearly every original one can find. Therefore, the side reinforcements and center flaps should be some other pattern. We also specifically approved use of fabric with printing flaws of various sorts (smudges,drips, or misses) as this was very common on WWII camouflage items.

Buttons: Original Zeltbahns used either cast aluminum/ zinc or stamped steel buttons. We chose to reproduce the cast buttons as they don't rust and they're much easier on one's fingers when they have to close dozens of buttons to assemble a shelter. They are now properly sewn with heavy gray cord in the correct locations.

Grommets: We had the WWII 8mm and 15mm zinc grommets reproduced exactly. They are silver when new- oxidation/ corrosion leads zinc to slowly turn to a dull gray color.

Not Hurricane rated! Like originals, our Zeltbahns are not rated for gale force winds. If a Zelt tent is left up in a severe thunderstorm or hurricane, some damage to the grommets is likely to result. Neither originals nor reproduction Zelts will be happy.


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